Finding The Light In Darkness

54% of rapes are not reported around the world and 300,000 people are raped every year which is about 3% of the world .  Would you ever suspect that anyone around you could be living through sexual assault. It could be your best friend, someone in your family, or the quiet person in the back of the classroom. Well my mom was the quiet person in the back of the classroom, living through it for almost 18 years of her life. Her dad raped her and she has struggled with it for a very long time. She kept quiet and she developed an eating disorder and depression and cutting herself avoiding it for another 20 years. 3 years ago she got triggered and began to remember every bad thing that happened to her she tried killing herself about 12 times, started cutting, and became an alcoholic. Me, my 2 sisters, and my dad struggled to help her and be there in every way possible we tried therapy we tried sending her to centers where they could help her. The last one we sent her too was in Texas while me and my younger sister went to stay with our grandpa for the rest of the month. My mom hated the center they were yelled at if they wouldn’t talk and while there she was raped 2 more times soon after this at the ending of last years October my parents were in the process of a divorce and my mom was home alone and she overdosed. We didn’t find her till the next morning barely still alive she went into a coma like state and couldn’t breathe on her own. She was hospitalized for over 2 weeks. We cut her whole family out of our lives after this.

Image result for quotes about healingNow you may be wondering how this made me and my sisters feel. Honestly there was no right way to react in this situation we were all too young to watch this happen to our family me and my older sister tried our hardest to shield my younger sister from it because she was only 9 at the time.There were many times where we were woke up at 2 a.m. for my mom to go to the hospital and honestly I got depressed for a while because i didn’t know how to help.

My parents are now divorced and my mom is finally starting to get better. We still have no contact with my mom’s family and me and my sisters are now healing from it all. My mom has a therapist now that me and my family are close to and are very thankful for. It was a hard bumpy ride but I am finally starting to find the light at the end of the tunnel noticing I’m not alone in it all. So I just want you to remember “Stars cant shine without darkness”.Stars can't shine without darkness. (1)

Now you may be wondering how does this relate to you? Well people in your life struggle everyday from your friends to your family and it’s your choice how to react to it. You have the choice to ignore it or you can speak out. Your voice can save a life or it could just make someone happier but it could also do nothing but how do you know if you never try. My advice would be to take a chance there is no right or wrong in a situation where someone is hurting or you are hurting. If you are hurting I want you to know yes these bad times will stay with you forever but never let them define you and consume you in the darkness because you will find your way out because your voice matters and you will find the light again.


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