Moving through Life


I have moved 4 times in my life and I’m 14 years old. My childhood wasn’t classified as “normal” because I moved around so many times. I was born in San Antonio, Texas, and lived there For 3 years, then I moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and lived there for 6 years, When I was 10, I moved to Richmond, Virginia, and lived there for 2 years, then I moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky and lived there for 2 years, Finally, I moved here ( Union, Kentucky) and I have been here since July.

I was born into the Army; that´s how I look at it. My dad was a Major in the Army at the time. When I was about three, my dad was Deployed to Kuwait for 4 months, and even though I don’t remember it, I know it was very hard on my family. My dad would send me postcards, and my mom would read them to me. I was able to talk to him on the phone, his co-workers were lucky enough to have one because most army officers in Kuwait couldn’t get one.  I don’t remember him coming home, but he tells me I gave him a big hug.

I don’t remember my move to Alexandria, Virginia. I was only about 3 years old at the time. It wasn’t that hard to get used to though, because I was in preschool, so really, everyone was new. After about 2 years of living there, my dad was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. I remember that day, we had Catering from a Barbecue and spent time with family. We lived there for 6 years and we moved when I was going into the fifth grade.

I moved to two different schools while I lived in Richmond,Virginia. The first was my fifth grade elementary school which I only went to for one year. The second school was my middle school which was 6th grade and I also only went there for one year. I lived in a very nice house, and had neighborhood friends that went to my school. My dad was promoted to Colonel while we lived here.

My next move was to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. My family looked for housing on Fort Knox but the houses were too small so we decided to find housing off of post. Now, this was a Small town, the smallest that I have ever lived in. It had a movie theater which was not  very nice, it had an elementary, middle, and high school, which I went to the middle school for 7th and 8th grade, and my brother went to the high school for his freshman and sophomore year. The high school has about 800 kids and the middle school had about 600 kids, and now Ryle has about 1,800, which is 3 times the amount that i’m used too. It had a Kroger and a really small mall, but if we wanted to do some big shopping, we had to go to Louisville, KY, which was 45 minutes away.

After 2 years in the small town of Elizabethtown, We finally moved to Union, KY! I was so excited because my dad was born in Cincinnati so we were really close to family. I was also very excited because I live in a pretty big city. My first day of school was very scary, but I fit in easily.

I suffered from moving anxiety, it is very hard to move, but I have some tips for you! According to Psych Central, a tip for moving anxiety is “Go from no to know”. Instead of saying ¨No I can’t do this, say I know I can do this.¨ Believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, it won’t work.I definitely had trouble with this because I was worried about making friends, but I had to constantly remind myself that I can make friends.

Another tip for moving anxiety is take time for yourself. Anxiety Guru states that “ It is common to feel that you won’t get anything done”. Whether you are an adult or kid, this tip can help you. You are probably moving with someone, you are most likely not alone, so take some time for yourself because you could put stress on someone else because you are stressed. Which, makes you think you aren’t going to get anything done.

My third tip comes from experience life. Experience life says “Seek out new experiences” and I couldn’t agree more. When I moved, I joined a church choir, which I made friends that way. Searching  for opportunities is great when you have settled in to your new house because it’s an easy way to make friends! If you have an interest in something, chances are somebody else in your area does too.

My last tip comes from MyMovingReviews. MyMovingReviews says to “Get to know your city” because unfamiliar places bring out scary thoughts. I  remember when I first moved to Kentucky, I knew almost nothing about Elizabethtown, or even the state. Thankfully,  I went to historic sites in Kentucky and Elizabethtown and that helped me learn about my city and my state.

I have had moving anxiety every time that I moved, but I ended up being okay because I made friends and I had my family. If I survived, you will too.



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