My love, the “Devil” of the 1940s

Fictional short story about Eva Hitler.

It is now April 30, 1945, and the accursed Allies converge on us from all sides. My Image result for hitlerhusband, the strongest man in all of Germany, still remains strong in his belief that we still shall win. Yet I fear that we are at a loss. The Allies’ generals have once again sent my husband a letter of surrender, I fear that our victory is crumbling before us. If my husband was surrender he will have to face war crimes, which will lead him to his death. It is funny how difficult being in love is, we have only been married for a total of forty hours.

Maybe I could convince my husband to surrender on the condition that he is not executed . Then at least we can live our lives closer then if he was dead. Though I fear that he will never give, this war has costed to much. I feel that I should at least try to talk to him, but I fear that he will not listen. I feel that his faith in his victory is indomitable. However if I try he may get angry, and we have only been married not even two days. I love him very much, but I feel that if I were to hurt his pride it will hurt our marriage. I feel pain, pain in my heart, pain of the unknown, and the strong love that we have. I cannot live without him, but does he feel the same?Image result for where did hitler kill himself

What if we just skulk away to the wilderness, then we can start a whole new life, and be happy together. I would do anything as long we could stay together. All I need to do is to talk to him, he knows he can trust me. Yet will he think that I want him to become a coward? Not if I word it right, then it might work. Maybe I will wait till we are married a while longer. Though, what if they reach us before then, my time is finite.

This war has caused so much change that I no longer know whether or not I should even speak. It has sewed my lips together, but I can easily break them. If only I know that he would listen to me, if only I know if he could trust me…. I know he does trust me for I am Eva Hitler, but I shall wait… Suddenly I heard my husband calling for me.

“Eva dear will you come here?”

“Coming Adolf….”

How it is this Story Significant to Reality

In case you’re wondering why I wrote this, let me tell you now it was written for a purpose. It was written to inform you of a great struggle that is happening all around the world.  I wrote this story to explain how if you don’t speak up about something important right away, it may cause bad things to happen. If Eva Hitler in the Image result for eva hitler wifestory had went and talked to her husband, she probably would have lived. Hundreds of teenagers hold secrets that they need to talk about with someone to help them. Yet they face the same thing that Eva faced, fear of offending the other person, putting it off, and think that they won’t listen. So don’t be like Eva and fear to speak up, if the person whom you talk to truly cares about you, you have nothing to fear.

Image result for the book speakI myself have never really experienced something that is so important, that if I don’t talk  and about it something bad may happen. However I have tried to convince a lot of my friends that I have  trying to convince them to talk to someone about their problems; which you may need to do. I have also read a book that involves a character that needs to talk about something, and it ended up changing her life very dramatically. The book is quite well known and I myself give it five stars; the book is call Speak. Now I am not going to spoil anything that happens, but if you are struggling with not speaking out about something I suggest reading the book.

I am a kind of guy that will always talk to someone about something important, and I must admit, whenever I tell them my problem I feel great. Now I must tell you I have seen the consequences of not speaking out, and it is never pretty. Also I know for a fact that not speaking out, has torn families apart, even killed people. I wrote this to help you break the stitches that keep you from speaking. Speak up, please, before it is to late.

Still need Help

If you still here are some sources that you can go to:


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