Take a Stand, Lend a Hand

     School can be a daily struggle for all students in general, but it is even worse for the ones who deal with bullying. It is the place where they face the pain of being made fun of, left out, being physically harmed, and so many other terrible challenges. Bullying can have devastating effects, destroying the self-esteem and happiness of all teenagers. Our PSA is here to raise awareness for the awful effects of bullying. These feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness can lead to anxiety, depression, and suicide. Our goal is to make school a safe place where students can be happy and learn, instead of a place where they fear their tormentors. We can stop bullying one person at a time. Raising awareness is the first step in coming together to end bullying for all students.

Here are 3 perspectives of bullying leading to extreme issues.

How bullying leads to anxiety:

Everyday students walk through the halls of a school doubting themselves and wondering why they exist. Every single day kids of all ages are being put down by people and starting to thinking they deserve it. Bullying is a very real and extreme problem that all schools face. Bullying can lead to long term effects on a child. Bullying leads to many issues and one extreme issue is how bullying leads to anxiety. Every day kids are being put down for who they are, and soon enough they are going to start doubting themselves, worry about everything, and withdrawing themselves from society and things they used to enjoy.

There are many types of anxiety. Bullying can affect every child differently, but it’s inevitable that bullying leads to serious issues, such as anxiety. Anxiety is a very real disease that many people suffer from including lots of people in my family, such as my mom, my sister, my brother, and even myself. Anxiety has affected my life and people that I care about in many ways. My sister was diagnosed with panic attacks, GAD, and social anxiety disorder all because of a situation that happened to her when she was younger. It has taken a long time for her to even be able to control her anxiety and now at 19 it still affects her in her everyday life. Luckily for her, her anxiety was caught in time for her to be able to get it under control before it lead to many other situations. I was diagnosed with GAD in 3rd grade and it’s still a struggle I face everyday, that sometimes controls my life. Anxiety can lead to depression and a whole world of other problems. Bullying is not okay and what you say and do can affect people more than you see. The first step to end bullying is to realize how real it is and how it can affect so many people in different ways. Together, we can put a stop to such unnecessary actions! With my PSA, I hope to spread awareness to the realness of anxiety and how bullying can lead to many difficult situations such as depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

How bullying leads to depression:

     About 15% of kids around age 14 start experiencing signs of depression. This is because depression is not something that you can see. It’s an internal feeling of worthlessness and loneliness. You may not be able to see depression right away, but there are signs you can look for. Things like a lost in interest in hobbies and sports, odd eating habits, and fatigue. There are a few other ways and once you know them you could save someone from feeling lonely. You could save their life if they were considering suicide. You could make a new friend by just going up and saying “hi” to someone that might be feeling down. Even if they aren’t depressed or feeling down talking to new people is never a bad idea.

This specific topic stood out at me because it’s arguably one of the most common problems in today’s society. I have never been depressed nor has anyone around me but I also don’t want to have anyone close to me experience that. That’s where the idea of a PSA come from. It gets the point of depression awareness out. As a community we can help kids going through tough times alone, feel not so alone. We can lower Ryle’s unusually high suicide rate one view at a time.

How bullying leads to suicide:

     Bullying is a serious problem in schools throughout America, as 42% of students report being bullied at some point. Students walk through school, terrified of the bullies that torment them. Teens who are bullied are left with deep emotional scars. Bullying destroys self-esteem, leading to anxiety, depression, and sadly, sometimes suicide. When students are bullied and become depressed, they lose all sense of hope and love, leading them to believe that suicide is a way out of the hurt that they feel.

     I chose to focus on how bullying leads to suicide because I feel that it is a topic that needs more awareness. There is no adult or peer intervention in 85% of bullying cases, which is often the reason behind these negative results. Bullying victims are left to deal with pain and sadness alone. Though suicide seems to be a somewhat rare occurrence, it is more common than it is thought to be. For each suicide among young people, there are also 100 suicide attemptsTeens want or attempt to kill themselves based on pain that they experience and feel the need to stop. They feel that it is the only way to escape the pain that they are enduring, and that no one would care if they were gone.

     Students that feel unsafe at school need help. It is crucial that these hurting students receive the love and support that can help them push away the suicidal feelings and feel as though their life matters. Suicide is an important topic to me because, though no one close to me has committed suicide, I have seen the way that suicide affects a community. I have witnessed schools coming together to mourn a student who killed themselves. But the real question is, could they have prevented it? My hope is that we can raise enough awareness about bullying and suicide schools, students, and parents do more to prevent these awful occurrences from happening. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please tell someone! There are people everywhere who love you and support you. You are greater than the bullies and greater than the sadness. You can overcome this. 


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