The Anxiety Rap

The reason we chose anxiety as our topic is because most students have experienced it at least one time. The definition of anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease, usually something with an uncertain outcome. Most people have it when going to a new school or when struggling at something that is stressful for them. In the lyrics we added letter grades on our report cards to show the build up of anxiety in your life. The build up of anxiety can affect you mentally, but it can also affect you physically. Some symptoms are shortness of breathing and shaking.

Have one of you ever experienced anxiety? We chose this topic because we have experienced this problem ourselves. We decided to do a rap to make our fellow peers with anxiety to feel welcome,  not afraid to do what you like and to know who is a good friend or not. Anxiety doesn’t just affect us it affects many others too. Anxiety affects 40 million people 18 and older, which is 18% of the total U.S. population.

Has anxiety affected your life? We ask this question not just for you to reply, but wanting to help you consider how many things in your day to day life you have missed because of anxiety problems. Most of you might be reading this blog and wondering why this even matters, well we are writing this blog to help you create a stronger life for not only you but your family too. As I said before, anxiety is a feeling of worry and how you are nervous all the time. We want you to take something away from this blog. Make this blog affect you and the people around you in the right way. Help you get through your anxiety troubles. So, we don’t want you to just let the anxiety take over you, we want you to overcome it. Approximately, 30 percent of people with anxiety don’t seek help or are misdiagnosed. This stat tells us that close to 1 out of 3 people you talk to at school has anxiety.

The most common way we feel anxiety is right before tests. Not just we have it but 20% of the school-going population has test anxiety.  For us tests cause us to panic because there is so much pressure involved with your parents wanting you to get an A and if you dont get an A then in some cases you get grounded or get in trouble. Well, because I had so much anxiety before a test one day  my brain just shut down in the middle of the test. The night before I studied for about 2 hours and I thought I knew everything on the test, not knowing my brain would just go blank. Eventually, I got the test back and it wasnt so good. Therefore, because I got a bad grade I got grounded. This is a prime example of the effects of anxiety and what they can do to you.

I remember clearly this one day in 6th grade when I had homework in all 7 classes and I had anxiety and tons of stress. The worst part was it was all due the next day and I was freaking out when I got home. I was busy that night and my parents wouldn’t let me skip it so I did as much homework as I possibly could before leaving. It was not fun and I hadn’t even scratched the surface of it mostly because I wasn’t used to this much homework coming from elementary school recently. So after I got home I stayed up at least four hours and was very sleep deprived doing most of it but I got it done and the next day I was very tired. In the end, the anxiety I had was probably one of the worst times I had it to date. That experience I learned how to cope with it and pace myself when in a time crunch.

Percentage of students who presented with depression, anxiety or a relationship problem as their main reason for seeking help at a counseling center.

As you can see, anxiety effects more people than depression and relationships. I added this graph because I wanted to show you that you are not the only one with anxiety.

Anxiety Rap Lyrics

Ben – So we’re here today to talk about anxiety

And it’s all about being afraid of society

As you walk through the halls you don’t know who has it

But you treat them the same just admit it


Just admit it (hey)

Ryan – When you meet a person with the condition

You wanna make helping them your mission

Simply just go over and start a conversation

About what their gonna do on vacation


On vacation (hey)

Ben – If you see someone sitting alone at lunch

Then you might get a really big hunch

That they might need a friend in these lonely times

So go over to them and start spitting some rhymes

Spitting some

Spitting some rhymes (hey)

Ryan – If you see someone struggling in your class

And they look like they don’t pass

Then talk to them and ask them what’s up

And say you wanna be their friend and help them get their grade up

Get their

Get their grade up (hey)

Ben – If you see someone with a low self-esteem

And you know they will make a great addition to the team

Even if they don’t look very qualified

Tell them all about it looking so dignified

Looking so

Looking so dignified (hey)

Ryan  – If you’re ever on the bus going to or from school

And you see a kid sitting alone tell them that they’re pretty cool

Ask them if they wanna hang out

And watch some tv hanging out on your couch

On your

On your couch (hey)

Together  – Now that we’ve told you all about anxiety

You can see that the people who have it is a variety

Of students in all social statuses and grades

Now watch us put on these pretty cool shades


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