A Fake Smile

We personally have not come in contact with depression, but we have witnessed it. One of our favorite childhood actors and comedians struggled his entire life with this disorder. Eventually he ended his own life because of his emotional state. No one could help him due to the fact that he hid his depression very well. Depression continues to boggle us, but through poems we have started to understand the emotions that come with it.

Depression is…

arkening our souls, all our hopes & dreams.

ndless days of self-destruct, an abyss of suffering.

ain that appears from a wound, one we cannot seem to find.

ange of emotions that we fight to keep concealed.

ach day it seems harder, much harder than the last.

ilenced by memories of our shattered pasts.

ubmerged in our self hatred, we never learned to heal.

ncapable of leaving the evil that’s damaging our minds.

ver thinking every detail, over thinking everything.

ever again will we hope, never again will we dream.

(Depression Acrostic Poem & Word Cloud)



Demons Of Darkness

She stood on the bridge

In silence and fear

For the demons of darkness

Had driven her here

They cut her heart

Right out of her chest

Making her believe

That the demons knew best

They were always there

Sometimes just out of sight

Waiting in the background

Till the time was right

These demons were destructive

Knocking down the life she knew

Hating everything about her

She hated herself too

These demons can’t be seen

But they’re far from fairy tales

They live inside your mind

Their evilness prevails

So on the bridge she stood

About to end the fight

Then she stopped and thought

I’ll fight them one more night

(Olivia B Demons of Darkness)

 Image result for depression pictures

Image result for depression pictures        Image result for depression

   A depressive disorder is not a passing blue mood but rather persistent feelings of sadness and worthlessness and a lack of desire to engage in formerly pleasurable activities (Psychology Today). Depression is a very widespread disorder. In fact, 350 million people suffer from depression (World Health Organization).   In the poem above, “Demons of Darkness”, the demons represent bullies in life that will try to tear you down and make you feel bad about yourself. They can also represent your self-conscious. They drive you to the edge and make you question your self-worth. They make you debate suicide and if the world would be better off without you in it. You feel lonely and silent.  For some, they never overcome the deep sadness they experience and decide to just end it all. For others, they have people or things in life that help them defeat depression.  

     We have been lucky in life so far. None of our family members or ourselves have had to deal with depression. For many, that is not the case. Even the people who you think are most happy in life may be the ones who are struggling the most.  For example, Robin Williams suffered from this disorder for most of his life. He was known for all the happy movies he acted in and the comedian shows he performed, but what people did not know was how badly he was suffering from this disorder. Robin Williams was one of our favorite actors when we were younger because he made us laugh for hours on end. Image result for robin williams quotesSome of our favorite movies he was in are RV, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, and Jumanji.  We can remember when we first found out about his years of depression and suicide. We were absolutely shocked because he had so many admirers and great things in his life. He never showed the side of him that was struggling. Next time you see someone that seems really happy and content, you should consider to get to know the person before you assume their emotional state. If you notice any signs of depression do not be hesitant to call for help.

  If you are one who carries a fake smile on your face, please reach out to us to better our understanding of depression. Don’t be scared to share your story with others.  You may find that the more you talk about your situation, the better it will make you feel. Your stories and comments will be greatly appreciated.


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