A True Friend, a Priceless Treasure


      Every friend that comes into your life teaches you a lesson, and helps you in some way. Friends are an amazing treasure that you shouldn’t take for granted. They support you through good times and bad. A true friend is trustworthy and should always be honest with you. We hope you can take this advice and build a strong bond with your friends that will last a long time.

      Are they loyal to you, are they kind, self-less, and trustworthy? The definition of friendship is a state of mutual trust and support between two people or a group of people, and sincerely care for your well being. Friends play a huge roll in our lives and without a friend by your side it might be difficult to face problems. In a true friendship, there should be trust, respect, and care for that person you call your “best friend”.pexels-photo-42389.jpeg (5292×3528)

       A lot of friendships end when neither one knows how to deal with an argument. Also it’s not easy to maintain a good relationship, especially when one disappoints the other. When friends get into fights you should always try and talk it out, because it’s much easier to lie over text since you can’t see their face. Make sure you always listen to the other person’s side of the story because usually they feel the opposite of the way you feel.

           Often times in friendships, when you are hurt you blame the other person. It’s normal to do this, but always makes the situation worse than it really is. A lot of times when you blame a person it can lead to not talking, ending your friendship, and getting in arguments. Trying to talk the problems out with your friend, may help. Staying calm and collected will possibly help resolve the situation, rather than making it worse.

       Trust is a big thing in a friendship. You trust a friend with your biggest secrets and they trust you with theirs. With trust, your friend should understand that you are putting your faith in them and hoping that you can trust them and protect you. This could be easily broken in many ways, but hard to fix. This goes for any relationship, family, friends, parents, siblings, and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Trusting somebody can be very difficult if you’ve ever been hurt by someone close to you or betrayed by your best friend. The thing you have to think about is that they are your best friend and if you end your friendship so fast, were they really your best friend?hands-friendship-hold-holding-70464.jpeg (2848×4272)

We calculated a twitter poll on 12/7/16 about friends and this is the information we found:

57 votes were cast by high school students.

High School Students Please answer:  Are most of your friendships…

Temporary       37%

Long Lasting   63%

Friends play a major role in our lives. Whether you have 5 friends or 50 friends, they are there for you to depend on and to trust. Facing real world problems happens all the time, so when you have a best friend by your side, it is easier to take on the challenges thrown at you. Accidents will happen in friendships, and so will fights, but they make the relationship stronger. Breaking trust is something that no one deserves to have happen to them, but being calm about any situation might help resolve it. Friendship plays a key role in a lot of things, so to be and find a good friend, is a priceless treasure.

Some people may think they don’t need a best friend, just a friend to occasionally talk to, or to come to for small situations. No matter if you think you need a best friend or not, from personal experience, everyone that comes into your life teaches you a lesson. Without a best friend, you may not have a strong support system, but some people are okay with that. With a best friend, you know you have someone to lean on and to come to with any situation. No matter what you may think, having someone there for you is comforting to know.

Good friends affect a teens life by giving them support to do many things in life. They are positive towards you throughout many situations. They make you happy to be living. Good friends don’t lie to you, they are trustworthy. Most of the time they help you through your issues. From personal experience of having best friends, it is always good to stay faithful to one another. You will get in fights, and have doubts, but at the end of the day, having your best friend by your side is something that cannot be replaced. You have to remember that trust is huge in a friendship, and before you want to go tell another friend something you were trusted with, think about the bond that is there and how it could possibly be broken. Always be supportive no matter what is going on and be there for your person when they really need you. Your friends rely on you and expect you to let them in when you have issues and you will want them to give you advice on what to do. Always remember that a true friend would never turn their back on you.


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