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Advice for Eighth Graders Going into Freshman Year

This blog was created for eighth graders who are worried, scared or stressed about freshman year. We are 3 freshman that have recently gone through the same changes! You can ask us questions about freshman year. Eighth graders going into ninth grade, are often unprepared about the upcoming change.

For us, the transition was very stressful, confusing, and caused anxiety. As eighth graders we were the top dogs of middle school, but now we are the little critters. We had so many unanswered questions, and no one to answer them. This website are for those unanswered questions that need an answer.

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Voice 1:  Starting high school was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I didn’t know where any of my classes were, who I would sit with at lunch, where I would sit on the bus, or even if my friends would still be my friends by the end of the year. There were so many unknowns and so many changes that were all happening at once and it was the most overwhelming thing ever. On the first day, I felt like I was going to puke or pass out or something. The first day sucked. But the second day got a little bit better, and by the third day I had made some new friends and started figuring out where my classes were. By the fourth day I didn’t feel like I was going to collapse when I stepped off the bus. When we came back from the first weekend, I felt like I had the hang of it. High school is so much more laid back than middle school was and it’s a lot easier too once you get the hang of it. I didn’t want to make any new friends, I wanted to keep all of my old ones. But I sit with new friends at lunch, i’ve become closer to people I was already kind of friends with, and i’ve kept all my friends that were worth keeping. I’m only about half a year into highschool, and I have it down packed now. I know where everything is, have a lot of friends, and i’m doing great in all my classes. It’s so much easier and more fun than you would think. Once you have the basic survival part of highschool down, try to enjoy yourself. Make memories, that’s what highschool is for!

Voice 2: Starting high school was very scary for me. I had just moved 14 days before school started. I moved to this school to be closer to my boyfriend. We have been dating for a year and 8 months. When we moved, I was so excited but little did I know that I would not even see him during the school day. On the first day of school, all I did was try to get to class on time without getting lost. I went through my first 3 classes without saying a word to anyone. Then I got to RAP, my teacher was kind of mean but she just wanted us to know that she meant business. After RAP, was lunch. Lunch was a nightmare! I sat by myself at lunch the whole first week of school. The worst part about lunch was, some of my boyfriends friends recognized me and I could see them whispering to their friends, “Is that so and so’s girlfriend?” I hated RYLE! Then I got some texts from some girls in my grade and they invited me to sit by them. I was so desperate and I took them up on their offer. After my first few weeks, I got to know the school and the people in it. I have since then met many friends and I finally feel like I belong!

Voice 3: The first day of high school sucked. As soon as I walked in the door I had no clue where I was going, all I wanted was to see a familiar face. As soon as I got into the classroom I spotted my friend. I was not allowed to sit by her because we had assigned seats. My second class was Spanish, I didn’t know Spanish and i didn’t care to learn. I did not like my teacher. My third class was outside, it was raining. Next, was rap my teacher she didn’t let us talk. After rap was LUNCH. Lunch was chaotic. I couldn’t find my friends, and everyone was numbing into everyone else trying to get a seat. After was my favorite class biology! It was very calm, quite, and the teacher was nice and helpful. After that was geometry. As soon as that class was over I felt like I was going to cry. Next, my last class English. All my friends were in that class so I felt comfortable. After that it was time to go home. My first day of high school was done. 

New York University said, “School work, college applications, extracurricular activities, and parental expectations all contribute to teenagers’ stress”

NBC said”Stress seems to be getting worse for some teens, according to the survey. About 31 percent of kids said their stress level had increased in the past year, twice as many as those who said it went down. And 34 percent said they expected their stress level would rise in the coming year.”

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing.” – Mandy Hale 

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We did a study of 8th graders at Gray Middle School about their fears for High School. Here are some of their responses and our feedback:

  1. What are your concerns about high school?

Surprisingly, a lot of people were concerned about grades and actual learning other than friends or things like that. We got many responses about being concerned about the ACT and needing to be prepared for college.  

Advice: Try not to stress about it. As long as you turn in your homework and stay on top of your work, you’ll be fine.

      2. Do you have close friends that you can talk to?

Most of them said they had 1-3 close friends they could talk too.

Advice: 1-3 close friends are better than 15 friends that you can’t open up too. Keep these friends close!

        3. Are you afraid of losing your friends when going through high school? If so, why?

Many people said that they were afraid of losing friends because they were either going to a different school or they were worried they would meet new friends.

Advice: It’s hard to move to a new school without knowing anyone. But you’re not the only one. Everyone wants to make new friends, and everyone’s in the same boat. Don’t be scared to talk to new people and try to have fun!

         4. Are you nervous about schoolwork? Falling behind?

A ton of people were nervous about the work load and falling behind.

Advice: Just make sure you turn in all your homework on time. Try to become friends with people in your classes so that you can help each other out and study together.

           5. Are you concerned about what others think of you?

Many people said that they cared about what people thought of them.

Advice: Don’t get so caught up on what others think about you, you are perfectly made! There are going to be people who will try and make you upset, but just keep your head up.

          6.  Have you ever been bullied?

Some people say that they have en bullied before.

Advice: Bullying is a horrible thing to do! Bullying not only shows who you are as a person but also the values you have for yourself. Make sure that you hold yourself to high standards and don’t let people push you around.

         7.   Are you worried about upperclassmen? Boys? Girls?

Some people said that they were a little worried about upperclassmen; but mostly people were concerned with the older boys.

Advice: Don’t be worried about upperclassmen, they have never bothered us. Many of them don’t pay attention to you, but if they do, they are normally really nice!

       8.    Are you worried about dating? Why ?

About half of the people we surveyed said that they were a little worried about dating.

Advice:  Dating can be so good and fun if you are with the right people. If you are worried about dating, just be yourself. Find someone who makes you happy and don’t let people tell you what you all need to be doing, such as kissing, and anything else- it will all happen when the time is right.

     9.     Are you worried about teachers?

Almost everyone said that they were worried about teachers.

Advice: Don’t be! We were nervous about our teachers too but they are all really nice and understanding. Many teachers are there to help you not hurt you! As long as you show respect, you will be perfectly fine

    10.   Any other questions?

There was only one question:

¨Are we allowed to use the vending machines?”

Advice: Yes, except for the ones in the teacher’s lounge.

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Please do not be worried about high school! 89.5% of teens report enjoying school. It can be either the best 4 years of your life or the worst- that is up to you! 

Click here for more advice! Please feel free to ask us more questions! We would love to hear them!

Below we have some freshman memes! Enjoy! 😉

Freshman Memes


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