Is This Blog Good Enough?

Written by Blogger A, D, and K.

The feeling of not being good enough, that we have all felt, moved us to do insecurity as the topic of this blog post. We all experience being insecure and it can be difficult to overcome, especially with the recent up rise of social media and standards in our society. It can be a hard problem to deal with and we wanted to find a way to show people that this is a common problem and there are multiple ways to deal with it. Continue reading to see what we felt and how we experienced insecurity.

“Insecurity is an Ugly Thing, It makes you hate people you don’t even know”

This quote means that when you start comparing yourself to other people, that you start to dislike all your unique features and envy someone else’s. Then you begin hating other people for what they have, hate is an ugly thing, making insecurity an ugly thing.

It has been proven that 95% of teens have felt inferior at some point in their life. The following chart shows the number one reason of why people say they are insecure.

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Self Worth Data - Teen Statistics by

Poems Written by Each Blogger

I’m insecure. (Written by Blogger A)

Think about myself,

Lower than she thinks of herself.

Too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat.

My hair is too frizzy, I think I need a hat.

My hands and feet are too big.

I don’t have coordination to do a simple jig.

She is a varsity athlete,

And can write a funny tweet.

I can barely throw a ball,

I’m so clumsy I always fall.

Am I even liked?

I’m probably just disliked.

Her house is bigger than mine,

I’m beginning to run out of rhymes.

I feel like everyone notices every little thing about me.

Why can’t I throw these worries out to sea?

I’m insecure, and so is everyone else.

Analysis of I’m Insecure:

In this poem, a high school girl writes about how she is insecure. She begins the poem comparing herself to another girl by discussing many ways someone will compare themselves to someone else. Then she talks about her actions of what the other girl can do like being an athlete and dancing well (aka doing a “jig”), while she is clumsy. She wraps up by saying that she thinks everyone notices every little thing about her, but states “I’m insecure, and so is everyone else”. So at the end she basically says that you aren’t the only one that is insecure, everyone else is too.

I Do Know I’m Not Beautiful (Blogger K)(credit to 1D’s song that inspired this poem)Official music video 

   My hair is TOO dark. 

 My skin is TOO light. 

  My face is TOO spotty. 

  My body is TOO wide.

  I’m insecure, 

And that’s what’s for.

 I turn my head when I walk through the door. 

 I need makeup 

To cover up

 Being the way that I am is not enough!

 Everyone else in the room can see them! 

  I want to hide my face forever… 

  I’M ugly! Yeah! I’M UGLY! 😦

Analysis of I Do Know I’m Not Beautiful: The previous poem is very relatable for most people, everyone is insecure at some point in their life. This can be targeted towards teenage girls going through high school but the truth is we all deal insecurity, male or female, young or old. The girl that is narrating this poem is constantly pointing out things that she doesn’t like about herself, she can easily state that she is insecure. She has brought herself to a point to where she can’t hide her negative thoughts about herself, they are constantly present in her mind. She feels that she has to hide in public so people won’t see her flaws. She wants to cake her face with makeup because she feels that everyone notices her pimples, which is very relatable. She feels ugly and she is very confident about that.


 I haven’t even met her

But she makes me insecure

My face has pimples

 Her face has dimples

 My clothes are ugly

Her clothes are lovely 

My body has a double chin 

Her body is very thin

 My hair is grimy

 Her hair is shiny 

My teeth are very yellow

Her teeth are as white as a marshmallow

I haven’t even met her

But she makes me insecure

Analysis: Less is Not Always More is about a high school girl who is insecure about herself and is constantly comparing herself to other people. The title comes from the saying “less is more”, but in context to the poem it means that feeling less about yourself isn’t beneficial. The beginning and ending lines refer to her being jealous of people she sees even if she doesn’t even know them. She is comparing herself to others, making her feel bad for herself. Everybody struggles with being insecure to some extent and has experience not feeling good enough.

(picture from

Tips for dealing with being insecure:

  1. Get to the root of the matter– Find out what is causing you to feel insecure and figure out a way to cope with it. If it is social media or another person, try to just avoid it, be surrounded by things that make you happy.  🙂
  2. Detect the moments when you feel insecure– If you catch yourself feeling insecure about yourself, then think about all the good things about yourself and what makes you happy
  3. Find someone to talk to– Sometimes problems are hard to handle on your own and you might need help from someone else, it can really help to talk to someone about how you feel about yourself. They can help you look positively at things. There are so many options like school counselor or going to therapy, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing that, there is always family and friends, or anyone that you feel comfortable with and can trust
  4. Change your mindset– Simply trying to change the way you think can really help
  5. Believe in yourself- Lastly believe you can do anything!

(credit to and

Our encounters with insecurity and self pity

Blogger K

My personal experience with this topic probably begun when I started 6th or 7th grade when social media started growing and standards grew higher. You started to see different stereotypes and cliques and it began to get easier to think bad about myself. There have been many times where I felt that I should fix everything about myself and times where I felt like I didn’t fit in and I felt invisible.  Although, I will say that I have changed a lot since sixth grade and I feel like I’m definitely way more self confident than back in those days. I’ve learned not to think about what other will think about what I wear or what I say, I wear what I want to wear and say what I want to say to make me happy. There are still times where I feel inferior, but overall I’m pretty confident about myself. For anyone who is struggling with insecurity, it’s always possible to find confidence in yourself which will overall make you a happier person. Look at yourself as someone who is special and unique and stop using other people as a comparison because in the end, we decide how we feel.

Blogger D

Everyone struggles with being insecure, including myself. When I transferred schools in middle school was when I started becoming insecure. My previous school was small and everyone knew everybody, but this new school was a big change. As for most people, changing schools is a big adjustment and takes time to get used to. I saw so many people who I constantly compared myself to. I felt inferior. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. She had perfect skin, a perfect body, perfect hair, perfect height. Everything she was, was everything I was not. Looking back now, I realize that is far from the truth. I am perfect just the way I am, with all my imperfections. If you are struggling with insecurities, just know everyone has flaws and things they wish the could change about themselves, and that’s what makes them unique.

(picture from

Blogger A

During 8th grade and freshman year are when I started feeling insecure. It was definitely when I started using social media more. You’d see everyone posting all these really pretty selfies and doing all these fun events with their friends all the time. And you just wanted to be like them. I was jealous of what she had, perfect selfies and perfect friends, I envied girls like this. I started comparing myself and it made me feel lower than everyone else. I felt insecure. But honestly there’s no point in making yourself feel this way. No one is better than another person. Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to another person, everyone is beautiful in their own ways with each of their uniqueness.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and leave comments about your own experiences with being insecure!  🙂 


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