Tomorrow Is Another Day


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

       Friendship is a spectrum of life everyone has to deal with. From the beginning of school to the end of our lives. I’ve had friends who have been there for me through everything. Then there are some who only talk to me when they want answers to homework. I’m not alone. Friendship is a hard problem for many people. Maybe they don’t have friends that make good choices. They may just talk to you when they need it. Or maybe, you don’t have any. I know that I myself have gone through phases of good friendship, bad ones, and phases where I have no one around. Having all these experiences, I wanted to show to others how they’re not alone. Everyone can go through these stages, and these stories you can hopefully relate to. Here are some personal stories of the good, bad, and ugly parts of friendship.

     A big part of my life is music. Music has always been somewhat of a friend since I can relate and listen to compare it to my life. So additionally, here is some music you can look up while you’re reading and why we chose them.

     This song is about how perfect some friendships are and how happy one can truly be. This song describes that you should enjoy the journey of life with the friends you have and that they will help you through anything any way they can.

     In this song, it talks about having bad relationships or less true friends. This song talks about hardships and frustrations people go through, yet they come through in the end. Things may not be perfect, but they’re still breathing, and that’s what matters.

     The slow and delicate tone of the song seems as a perfect fit the story. The quiet tone represents someone who is quiet and hurt. Both show deep emotion and I believe that it was a good choice for the story.

The Good!

     It’s Friday. Once again another hectic weekend of places to go. Where should I go? Dylan’s? Blake’s? Neveah’s? Too many people to please. My phone doesn’t stop roaring. Everyone is talking to me about a funny video they saw or that we should hangout. It’s nice actually. Being wanted.

     I walk out to the car, I chose Dylan for today. It hurts saying that I can’t go anywhere else. I always enjoy being around people. I make a plan. I’ll leave Dylan’s and go to Blake’s right after on Saturday. Finally, I’ll invite Neveah to church and we can hang ouperson-human-guitar-players.jpg (1920×1357)t wherever she wants. No matter where I am or who i’m with, we always manage to have fun and get in trouble. We laugh and stay out until we can’t even see each other since it’s so dark. I don’t overthink like I usually do when I’m alone. Something about being with good friends makes me a different person. By the time I finish thinking to myself, we’re inside making food to stop our hunger after being out so late. We share laughs and whatever is on our mind. The cycle doesn’t end. Once I go to one house, I have somewhere else I have to be. I feel honored to have so many people by my side. They listen to me and I listen to them. People complain about having fake friends, and I have no idea what they mean. I have a good life, and good friends by my side. I hope it will stay this way.

The Bad

     Today, I have decided that I don’t really want to go to Dylan’s. Blake doesn’t talk to me anymore and Neveah shows up occasionally. Things have gotten awkward, and I don’t think they want me around anymore. They have started acting different as well. Asking me for favors, never asking to hangout anymore. It can’t be right though. What did I do? snow-bench-man-person.jpeg (3264×2448)Is it just the fact we are starting to differ in opinion? Oh no. I’m overthinking again. It’s started up more often. It’s a problem, it is. I can’t let it happen too much. I still have friends. There’s Zach, Cameron, Candice. Then again, we don’t hangout or talk unless it’s about homework. It still counts though, right? I don’t go out every weekend anymore, I just simply stay inside and play games and watch Netflix. It doesn’t matter though, I’m still myself and happy with my life. All I know is that I’m still alive, and there’s always someone else out there. I look over at my phone, no one has texted me for weeks.

Now, The Ugly…

     He screamed silently in his mind. His thoughts being flashed on the surface of his eyelids. His quiet mouth lets his mind work harder. The product of over thinking is a dangerous thing. He’s over thinking once again, letting his ideas take over. It was at this moment he realized he was truly alone. No one to truly look to. There was no one to look for in a time of need. “Sorry, I have to (fill in the blank).” Loneliness, shyness, anxiety, desperation, depression. Simply products of no friends and an overactive imagination.

     “He” is not named. “He” is not himself anymore, and has been taken over by a dark cloud. “Is it my fault?” “What’s wrong with me?” “What do I need to do to have people who love me.” Thoughts that run through his mind every night. He can’t get away from his own thoughts. They eat away at him night after night and there’s no way to call out for help, for there is no one to call out to. He lifts his head from his pillow, barelyman-person-fog-mist.jpeg (5616×3744) able to see out of all the thoughts still covering his eyelids. He walks to his mirror, and takes a good look at the demon that has consumed him. He shoots cold stares into the eyes of the demon, and holds back screams. Taking a good look at the monster makes him think more dangerously. He concludes every night remembering the times when he had real friends. When he was able to speak.  When he was happy. As he closes up the box of memories in his mind, he lies his head gently back onto the pillow, telling himself, “Tomorrow is another day.”


 If you relate to any of the stories, good or bad, just now that there are many people out there that are in the same position. If you want to know more, we’ve put the facts here for you to see for yourself that it’s not just your problem.

The Good side of Friendships:

Having friends gives many advantages and aid here are a couple:

  • They give you a shoulder to lean on
  • They can be source of inspiration
  • They can help lower stress
  • They can boost your self-esteem
  • They will also stick up for you

Another fact is that being social can also increase lifespan and overall health.

The Bad side of Friendships:

Sometimes friendships can be bad and give of some negative effects.

  Finally, if you have some lingering thoughts or questions, I have found a website that can help with these problems relating to our stories. If you also have a story similar to one from above, please comment and tell us your story and your thoughts on the topic. 


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