I am _____

Elliet’s Story:

Depression is the feelings of severe despondency and dejection. To me depression is more than just a mere label, depression is a reaction to a traumatic event. My traumatic events occurred throughout my childhood, my parents got divorced, my grandpa who I was very close to died of cancer, I found I had ADHD, and my mother had a house fire. It was tough for me and I tried so hard to be popular, I hate the word popular. The word popular basically means uniquely ordinary. I got depressed and had a lot of anxiety, I would never actually tell people my story. I acted like this person who had no judgements against who they were, like I was just a happy 14-year-old. I’m not, I am broken. This is my story; I AM BROKEN.

Avery’s Story:

Moving always gave me a way to reinvent myself. I mean think about it, new room, new school, and a new identity. It was fun for me, until I had to move in the middle of my freshman year to Kentucky. It stressed me out. Statistically, most children when moving become depressed due to the stress put on them during the transition, for me this was just the case. This is my story: I AM LONELY.

Grace’s Story:

I am adopted. At school I was teased for not knowing who my real parents were. I felt pathetic. Even though I love my adopted parents, I didn’t feel normal. People broke me down. I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was going through. Eventually I learned to open up, and speak out. This is my story: I AM BULLYING AND DEPRESSION.



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