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Hello there ladies and gents, like always, this blog will be fresh with advice like you’ve never seen before. Our advice is fresh out of the oven, and made with extreme precision. High school can be one of the most baffling times of your life but, it can also be one of the greatest times of your life, and with this advice you will learn methods to deal with anxiety and have an amazing high school year. 

High school students may face many problems in their high school life, such as depression, stress, family issues, grades, etc. Some students may experience one of these issues, many students experience all of these issues. We will help students learn how to deal with these issues, and learn how to live with it because some of these problems can stick with you for your entire life. High school is a time in which, you find yourself and how you want to leave your mark on the world.

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.  Thomas Szasz


Along with the stress that homework can bring, parents and teachers can also bring an overwhelming amount of stress from time to time. Grades are heavily stressed upon here at Ryle High School. You are up to 10 to 11pm finishing your homework after sports and get little time to yourself. With this you don’t the extra pressure and stress that your parents add. You try as hard as you can to get that A, but you fall short and your parents become very disappointed in you. But, I always listen to this fire track to get me through to times keep your head up. When your parents are disappointed, from personal experience, this is something that makes you feel bad about yourself as you aren’t living up to their expectation. An easy way to get over this is to ask and show your parents that you are working hard, if you still didn’t get a A or maybe even got a C, your parents will understand. They will know that you have been working extremely hard so they won’t be disappointed in you. They will know that you have tried your best, even though it is not enough, that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you tried your hardest to get that A. If you manage your time well at school while having good work-ethic, you can easily improve your grades and to satisfy your parents. sl_stressbrain

We interviewed a young girl who is not pressured by her family, but is pressured by her perfectionist self. She thinks of Ryle High School as a very prestigious school which puts pressure on her to do her best. Her stress, as said earlier, is fueled by her own initiative. Now, from what I’ve observed, is that she can change a majority of her anxiety by taking time off of her school work, while still working hard, but making time to have fun with her friends. What was really revealing about herself and he she is was that she said, when she gets stressed, she can’t focus, and can’t get things done if she is worried about something. Telling herself to relax is a way to reduced her anxiety and have fun with friends, with a worry free mind.

We all have experienced anxiety at one point in our school career. Whether it is for a huge test coming up, worth a big chunk of your grade or just a simple homework assignment. It happens to everyone. I have learned to deal with this by telling myself that as long as I am happy with what I had done, that is all that matters. Another way I cope with the anxiety that can build is to try to go to bed half an hour earlier. If you can’t do this due to an influx of homework, work extra hard to get it done in school during RAP or study hall. When I first started High School, I was so worried that I couldn’t breathe. What I did to cope was talk to my school counselor. Talking to your school counselor will give you time to talk through your situation, and begin to pull yourself together. Ever since I started talking about my anxiety, I’ve been able to get my work done without worry.

A good way to deal with all these issues is to manage your pressure. You don’t have to carry all the burden by yourself, arrange a study group to help you with your work or studies. If home is not a good place for you to work or study maybe go somewhere else like the library. Maintaining good sleeping and eating habits can help you deal with the pressure that school can give off. Giving yourself a reward after doing your task or assignment can help motivate you to do your work more.

We decided to speak about this issue because we too are students that have experienced some form of pressure and stress in school. inspirational-photo

Don’t let the struggles of high school ruin your experience of making friends and having fun. Even though you’re working on homework or studying for the next week exam, make sure to spend with friends and family to minimize your stress.   Don’t allow little complications ruin a time you’ll never forget. High school can be one of the most amazing times of your life.


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